Higher School of Translation and Interpreting
Lomonosov Moscow State University

+7 (495) 932-80-72 (dean's office)
+7 (495) 939-33-48 (academic department)
+7 (495) 939-44-82 (foreign students department)

Dormitories: Addresses and Information

About the dormitories


1. The student dormitories are located next to the university and students of the Higher School of Translation and Interpreting live in the following dormitories:

  • Student house: 123103, Moscow, Leninskie Gory, 1, Main building of MSU;
  • Student house at Vernadskogo: 119415, g. Moskva, prosp. Vernadskogo, d. 37;
  • Student house on Kravchenko: 119415, Moscow, Kravchenko d., 7;
  • Student house branch: 119192, Moscow, Lomonosovsky Prospekt 31, building. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7.


2. Who lives in the dormitories?

1) Non-resident and international students studying for a specialists, bachelor's or master’s degree, exchange/study placement students, and postgraduate students* who are studying on either a government scholarship or through private funds (personal or from an organization). Rooms in the dormitory are subject to availability. (Students enrolled on a government scholarship who arrive after October 1st of the relevant academic year, or students enrolled in graduate school on a contractual basis (private funds) after the 1st of November and only upon availability.)

2) Applicants who apply for full-time study are provided with a place in a dormitory as part of their admission.

  • Applicants who are admitted to take the additional placement exam from the 7th to 28th of July.
  • Applicants, who are in the list of university applicants, must submit their documents in person within 3 days of moving into the dormitories from the period of July 28th to the 10th of August.

Dormitories are not provided for students who have permanent registration within the 5th zone of the Moscow Railway, as well as for graduate students who are studying via correspondence.


3. As a general rule, places in the dormitories are provided to students during the academic year. Accommodation during the summer holidays is available in accordance with the policies of the dormitory and with the consent of administrators at the Higher School of Translation and Interpretation.


4. In order to live in a dormitory during your academic studies you must fill out an application and have the following with you:

  • passport
  • photo 3x4 cm on matte paper - 2 copies

Documents can be submitted from the 25th of August of the current year at the Office of the Head of Studies (room 1149) and the department for international students (room1152) from 10am to 5pm (17:00).


5. In order to live in a dormitory you must submit the following documents:

  • Certificate from the deputy dean
  • Certified extract of the order of admission document
  • Copy of your educational contract
  • Document of permission to live in the dormitories with certification of the dean's office
  • Two copies of your accommodation agreement (for students studying on a government scholarship).

6. Dormitories

Student House
119991, Moscow, Leninskie Gory,1, Main building of MSU, sector "B", 1st floor, dormitory management, room 5
Telephone: +7 (495) 939-2623


Student house on Vernadskogo
119415, Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 37, room 120 (passport office)
Telephone: +7 (499) 131-5077


Student house on Kravchenko
119415, Moscow, Kravchenko street, 7, room 203 (passport office)
Telephone: Telephone: +7 (499) 131-8805


Student house branch
119192, Moscow, Lomonosovsky Prospekt 31, building. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7.
Telephone: +8 (499) 143-2277


How to get to the student house on Vernadskogo and the student house on Kravchenko
By metro from the station "University" to station “Prospect Vernadskogo”. On trolley-bus No.34 from metro station “University” to stop “Prospect Vernadskogo”, 33” From there walk down Kravchenko Street.

How to get to the student house branch
From metro station "University” take buses 130, 187, 260, 661 or trolleybuses 34, 34k to the stop "Indira Gandhi Square".




Nikolai Garbovsky - Director of the Higher School of Translation and Interpreting (faculty).
Telephone: +7 (495) 932-8072

Vladimir Litvinov  - Deputy Director of Administrative Services, manages student accommodation in the dormitories
Telephone: +7 (495) 939-1602

Galina Litvinova - Deputy Director of International Student Services
Telephone: +7 (495) 939-4482