Higher School of Translation and Interpreting
Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Academic Programs


Barchelor's degree program

Master's degree program

Specialist's degree program


We train professional translators and interpreters as well as specialists in the field of translation studies to work in Russia and abroad, for top international organizations, non- governmental organizations and transnational corporations.

Our curriculum allows our students to receive profound theoretical knowledge of the history and theory of translation, the history and culture of Russia and the countries whose languages they study, the basics of international law, economic and political relations; they also acquire professional skills of translating and interpreting from Russian into a foreign language and vice versa.

We train interpreters and translators in the following pairs of languages: Russian-English, Russian-German, Russian-French, Russian-Spanish, Russian-Chinese. Non Russian-speaking international students are taught translation/ interpreting in the respective pairs the Native Language – Russian.

The instruction is based on the experience of the best Russian and international schools of translation and interpretation, our main goal is to ensure that our graduates are able to meet any professional challenges at a high level of responsibility.

The curriculum includes compulsory courses of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, courses of scientific and technical translation ; there are also courses of movie and video translation.

Our classes are conducted by MSU professors, highly–experienced specialists in the field from other Moscow educational institution.