Higher School of Translation and Interpreting
Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Bachelor of Linguistics

Bachelor’s degree program which offers a Bachelor of Linguistics

This program is aimed at training translators and interpreters.

Form of Study – full time, taught on campus.
Duration – 4 years.
Tuition fee – 430 000 rub annually

Upon completion of their studies, graduates are awarded a diploma from Lomonosov Moscow State University. Students with a secondary school/high school diploma are eligible to apply.

Accommodation in an MSU dormitory is available.

The bachelor's degree program includes the following subjects:

  • The theory, history, and methodology of translation
  • Translation (general and technical)
  • Culture in verbal communication, etc.

The faculty trains students in the following language pairs:

  • Russian – English
  • Russian – Chinese
  • Russian – Spanish
  • Russian – Italian
  • Russian – French
  • Russian – German

Entrance exams for foreign citizens

1. Foreign language (oral)
2. Russian language (oral)