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Applying in 2022


Submission of documents for the first year of undergraduate and graduate levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) for foreign applicants begins on June 15, 2022 and will be carried out in remote access on LMSU online platform for the submission of applications https://webanketa.msu.ru (Webanketa).

Upon submission of the required documents, the applicant assumes his obligation to submit to LMSU all original documents uploaded to Webanketa at the time of his / her arrival to Moscow.

The entrance exams will be conducted by LMSU Central Admissions Office in distant form.

The dates of entrance examinations for applicants for the first year of study of Undergraduate, Specialist and Master programs will be set by LMSU Central Admissions Office no later than June 1, 2022. For foreign citizens, entrance exams will be carried out in accordance with the decision of LMSU Central Admissions Office in several waves, starting on June 16.

Subsequent to successful entrance examinations, the faculty recommends an applicant for admission and issues an invitation for visa.



To successfully meet the admission requirements, we recommend do follow the order:

  1. Prepare the documents for submission:
    Please, mind the requirement to submit to LMSU all the original documents upon the arrival to Moscow and during the first academic year.
    In case if the educational documents (School leaving certificate (High school diploma) are issued with delay / after the deadline for LMSU admission period, please ask the issuing institution (school, college) to supply a substantial letter proving that you will receive your diploma and to specify the date.

    • For undergraduate (bachelor) and specialist programs: copy of School leaving certificate (High school diploma) with a notarized translation into Russian;
    • For graduate (master) programs: copy of the previous degree (bachelor or equivalent) with a notarized translation into Russian;
    • Copy of academic record (transcript with the list of all subjects and marks) with a notarized translation into Russian;
    • Apostille or consular certification for the documents released in the following countries;
    • Copy of the first two pages of passport / ID with a notarized translation into Russian;
    • Digital photo 3:4.
  2. Register on LMSU online platform https://webanketa.msu.ru, fill in the application form and submit the required documents, as above.
  3. Pass the exams.
  4. Contact the faculty to know the results and receive confirmation of the possibility of enrollment.
  5. Submit electronic consent for enrollment.
  6. Receive an invitation letter.
    Please, find out the details of visa processing in the Russian Embassy in your country. It may takes about 45 days to get the letter of invitation, which is why we honestly recommend contacting the faculty and uploading the documents well in advance.

  7. Get to university campus.
  8. Conclude the educational agreement with the faculty.

The Agreement should be concluded on the Faculty (and with the Faculty) that you are applying to. To conclude the agreement, please, make sure to (1) successfully pass the exams; (2) provide the all the original documents; (3) pay the fee (first semester).

Please, make sure (1) to contact faculty representative before your arrival to Moscow and (2) to inform the International Relations Office upon your arrival to Moscow (+7 (977)929-54-46, vshp_inotd@mail.ru).




  • The translation of the academic documents into Russian must be notarized or certified by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where documents were issued.
  • Upon arrival to university campus, students should pass medical test.

Upon arrival to university campus, students should pass medical test.

Your expenses can be estimated as follows:

  • Faculty tuition fee;
  • Cost of accommodation in the students' hostel — averagely 13000 RUR per month (depends on living conditions);
  • Cost of medical certificate — from 6800 RUR;
  • Health insurance or contract for medical service — averagely 10000 RUR, depending on issuing organization;
  • Additional expenditures on translation and legalization of the academic documents, food, transportation and leisure.