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Elena Konyukhova

Department of translation theory and methodology

Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

At the Higher School of Translation and Interpreting since 2018

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1990 with a degree in philology with the qualifications of philologist and teacher of Russian language and literature. Candidate of philological sciences since April 27, 1995. Awarded the academic title of Associate Professor on February 18, 2009. In 2017, gained diploma with the additional qualification of methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Practical sessions: “Practical Course of Russian”, “Practical Session: Communication “, “Tutorial in Scientific Writing”

Lecture courses: “History of Russian Literature”

Research Interests: Russian as a foreign language, pedagogical methods, Russian literature, Russian culture

Istina Profile: https://istina.msu.ru/profile/KonyukhovaElenaStanislavovna/