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Nadezhda Mironova

Department of translation theory and methodology

Doctor of Philosophy, professor

Head, German division of the department, since 2009

Complete postgraduate studies at Moscow State University of Linguistics (Department of German Grammar and History), thesis: Subjective Modality in Scientific Texts (scientific specialty: 10.02.04-Germanic languages, 1992).

Graduated from Moscow State University of Linguistics (Department of Semantic Linguistics), doctoral dissertation: Structures of Evaluative Discourses (scientific specialty: 10.02.04-Germanic languages and 10.02.19-language theory, 1998).

Lecture courses: “Fundamental Theories of  Second Language Acquisition” (taught in German), Theories of Third Language Acquisition (second foreign language)”(taught in German), “Theories of Translation and Interpreting” (taught in German), "History of Foreign Literature (module: History of German Literature)", “Language and Cross-cultural Communication” (taught in German). Lectures for postgraduates in specialty 10.02.20 - Comparative-historical, Typological and Comparative Linguistics.

Practical sessions: “Sociopolitical Translation (German - Russian)”, “Scientific and Technical Translation”, “Practical Session: Communication”, ““Tutorial on the Culture of Oral Communication”.

Research interests: the theory and practice of translation (German and Russian), general discourse studies, neology,


Awarded a certificate of honor from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2005).
Winner of the Moscow Grant Competition in the field of science and technology in education (2005).
Honored with the gratitude of the Rector of Moscow state University V. A. Sadovnichy "for many years of fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity in the benefit of Moscow University" (2013).
Awarded Veteran of Labor